The Nosferatu Exclusive Interview By Malice F


Gothic rock legends and pioneers of the gothic scene, The Nosferatu, reformed by founding band member and original main songwriter Vlad Janicek, and original vocalist and lyricist Louis De Wray, will be performing live in Athens on Saturday 22nd of February at the wonderful venue of Temple Club in Gazi area.

Mr. Vlad Janicek, was kind enough to answer our questions:

EW: It’ s such a pleasure that you are touring again and creating memories for us, your fans and supporters of the gothic scene, as well as giving the opportunity to newer members of the scene to enjoy you on stage too. Could you please tell us a few words about what prompted you to reform the legendary band and introduce your current line up to our readers?

VLAD JANICEK: There is a long complicated set of circumstances but to be brief it was influenced by some sudden changes in my personal life and I realised I wanted to see if I could still write and perform music after so many years away.

Music was very therapeutic in helping me through some very dark, tough times and I realized I could not keep myself any longer in a self imposed exile.

This huge change in personal circumstances gave me the impetus and opportunity to devote time to songwriting and performing once again, coupled with a sense of unfinished business.

EW: From the beginning, gothic vampiric imagery and artwork have played a significant role in your history telling and theatrical presence on stage. Even when the gothic scene started to demise, you stayed true to this form of expression, even today, you never compromised. Did you find it difficult to express yourselves in your own unique dark way?

VLAD JANICEK: We always stood alone during a time when the scene began to fragment and dilute. From the start the aim was to present a vision and style that connected the lyrical and musical elements to a visual expression in artwork and stage presentation.

I still believe we fill a void missing in the scene but time will tell how big that void is!

EW: Could you please let us know about your favorite poem or book and give us some insight into your artistic inspirations?

VLAD JANICEK: I like to think the classic art and literature of the 18/19 century are in there somewhere. I personally love Pre Raphaelite art, Victorian Gothic literature and Architecture. Poetry perhaps The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, for a book it has to be Mary Shelley or Bram Stoker of course! Although the works of HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe or James Herbert should get a mention.

EW: In the last few years, it seems that the post punk, minimal genre has become more popular, as gothic bands find things rather difficult, as far as creating new music and performing in festivals. Could you share your thoughts with us on these issues?

VLAD JANICEK: Music moves in cycles, some of these labels confuse me! Cold Wave, Minimal Wave, Dark Wave, Wave… It is frustrating that many big festivals seem to be dominated by EBM and I find their popularity live perplexing as watching one person behind a laptop with just a singer for company rather uninteresting as a performance.

EW: You have been performing for decades and have witnessed many changes regarding the gothic rock genre. What is your perspective of music that is created today, and of the scene in general?

VLAD JANICEK: Technology has been both a blessing and a curse. The music industry is largely a dead one, it has been democratized on the surface. However in reality it has been turned into assets to be exploited by technology companies for whatever makes them profits.

From a writing and recording process, it is both terrific and a curse. The digital world enables us to constantly adjust and refine, however it also allows us to become attritional by becoming scared to commit or over analysing.

The goth scene is battling hard against the majority obsession in the alternative scene with EBM and Cold Wave. Other than a heyday between 1982-1987, the goth scene has always been the illegitimate child tolerated but largely hated. Visually there seems to be a resurgence in the aesthetic, especially on social media.

EW: I think that you are aware of your loyal Greek fanbase and its affection towards the band. What are your feelings on Saturday night?

VLAD JANICEK: We are very excited and honoured to be playing Athens, I know first hand the affection and loyalty of the Greek fans in the scene to our songs. Being able to finally present them with a show rammed full of classics as well as an opportunity to air some new songs is very nice.

EW: We all anticipate that you will be playing tracks from the Rise and Legend era of the band. What else can we further expect, as our excitement grows for next Saturday at the Temple?

VLAD JANICEK: Our Hellenic audience should expect a professional, dramatic performance with many classic songs some of which were rarely performed live previously, played with a style and panache in keeping with the founding principles.

We are a visual band so expect a dynamic, dramatic presentation.

Our set list will indeed cover the Legend and Rise eras, however we have several new songs being written and some of these will be part of our show. We may even debut a new song exclusively first in Athens! Some old favourites like Wiccaman and Lament may make a return too.

EW: Dear Vlad, thank you so much for your time and for answering my questions! Looking forward to receiving your goth spells this Saturday at the Temple Live Club!

The Nosferatu – Live in Athens

Opening Act: Opened Paradise

Saturday Feb 22, 2020

Athens Temple Live Club

(Ιάκχου 17, Γκάζι, Αθήνα)

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