Die Sexual – Inservio

Die Sexual – ”Inservio” EP!

Dark electronic duo, DIE SEXUAL recently unveiled their newest EP, Inservio. The EP is a testament to submission, devotion and slavery to the dark nights, strobing lights and the pulsating beat of the music.

Says founding member, Anton Floriano: “We wanted to capture that feeling in these songs, the surrendering of your body and soul to the night, the music, your desires, letting go of all cares and just being “slaves to the tempo”.

“Lights Down Low”‘s idea of losing one’s self to pulsating rhythms while a “safe space” for someone to be who they want at no cost is explored in “House Of God”. It’s there where we are free of judgement, devoid of cares and stress of our daily grind.

Lastly, “Need To Sin” presents a tantalizing roleplay scenario where the subject submits to her ultimate desires and hedonistic fantasies, knowing any hesitation of guilt should be discarded as forgiveness will always be granted.
Inservio is self-produced and crafted in the band’s home studio of vintage analog and modular synthesizers, fueled by their inspiration of classic EBM and modern techno, to be enjoyed on the dancefloors, in the basements and in the bedrooms.

The EP is available on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.

DIE SEXUAL is the Los Angeles-based dark electronic duo of Rosselinni and Anton Floriano.  Conjuring their influences of ebm, techno and electropop, their sound is an intoxicating mix of analog synthetics and seductive vocals. Pure dark electro decadence forged by pulsating industrial rhythms and dripping sensuality. DIE SEXUAL entices you to join their journey from out of the shadows to under the strobe lights.