The Palace of Tears – Veiled Screen, Woven Dream

The Palace of Tears – Veiled Screen, Woven Dream


New Orleans dark duo The Palace of Tears presents their sophomore album ‘Veiled Screen, Woven Dream’, a hauntingly beautiful, ghostly and sensual experience.

This fan-funded seven-track album represents “the transformational fires of the Phoenix archetype and the cyclic nature of death and rebirth”. A transmission of aural experiences and transmutational frequencies, it is previewed by the bewitching single ‘The Embers of Your Being Glow Still’ and spectacular video for the title track.

The Palace of Tears is Leah Kahn aka LV Darkling (vocalist, lyricist) and Erick r Scheid (guitars, electronics, engineering), who met in Germany in 2018 when Erick was performing with his band Mercurys Antennae at the world-renowned WGT Festival. After a collaborative exercise in co-writing long distance, the duo released their debut album ‘Of Ruination’ in 2020 with Erick also moving from the Bay Area to join LV in New Orleans.

Delving into hidden truths and secrets, pain and grief from personal loss, and the soul’s journey, ‘Veiled Screen, Woven Dream’ is informed by personal experiences and tragedy, including an unforeseen and agonizing turning point in its creation. Yet this process became a crucial component in the process of moving through grief and pain towards healing.

This record is an exploration of your shadow-self and entering the realm of darkness and the unconscious and subconscious, which lay just beyond our conscious awareness. The lyrics incite contemplation of the soul’s journey as it departs from this mortal coil, beholding that mystery of the veil between the seen and unseen worlds.

“This album is dedicated to my brother, best friend and soulmate Kirk, who left this Earthly realm last October. I would be remiss to not mention my own recent personal loss, as I would be denying and omitting the special place that it holds in the journey of the making of this album. I truly have never known grief until now. There are songs on this album that remain difficult for me to listen to, let alone actually perform and sing, as I usually end up in tears,” says LV Darkling.

“As vulnerable as it is to share some of this here, I am propelled by the deep spiritual connection that he and I held throughout our lives. He is inherently a part of this work, perhaps collaborating with us from beyond. I hope that by channeling this and honoring those we love, it can provide a healing catalyst and human connection can be unearthed.”

With somber beauty and otherworldly seduction, The Palace of Tears fuses hypnotic electronics, heavily layered processed guitars and operatic contralto vocals that captivate, creating an ethereal sonic amalgam that transcends temporal boundaries. Their unique alchemy blends elements of ethereal wave, gothic rock, shoegaze, dark ambient and electronica, encapsulated within a lush cinematic soundscape.

No stranger to the world of performance, New Orleans native LV Darkling is a classically-trained dancer and vocalist, who brings a varied and textured approach to her singing and songwriting, pulling from her many disciplines in the performing arts.

Erick r Scheid is best known for his band Mercurys Antennae (Projekt Records), who released 3 albums and 2 EPs, as well as performing at Whitby Goth Festival, All Tomorrows Ghosts and WGT Festival. A self-taught recording engineer, Erick has been writing and producing music since 1989, and has also composed film soundtracks, performed and written scores as a live musician for dance performances, touring extensively throughout the US.

Having toured the USA, The Palace of Tears has shared the stage with artists such as Kaelan Mikla, Pink Turns Blue, AL1CE, Solar Fake, Rosegarden Funeral Party, The Veldt, Slow Crush, Dead Leaf Echo, Pilgrims of Yearning, Astari Nite, The Waning Moon and The Neuro Farm, in addition to performing at Dark City Festival (New Orleans) and Dark Castle Festival (Louisville).

As of April 8, the ‘Veiled Screen, Woven Dream’ album is available on CD, limited edition vinyl and digitally directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

1. Black Obsidian Beyond Oblivion
2. An Echo in Time
3. The Embers of Your Being Glow Still
4. Cimetière de l ’Absinthe no. 333
5. Lair of the Undying
6. Veiled Screen, Woven Dream
7. The Serpent Bearer (feat. Unwoman)

Written by LV Darkling and Erick r Scheid
LV Darkling – Vocals & Lyrics

Erick r Scheid – Guitars (6 & 12 string), Bass Synth, Electronics, Drum Programming and Sound Design
Unwoman (Erica Mulkey) – Cello on ‘The Serpent Bearer’
Recorded, Mixed & Conjured by Erick r Scheid at Chateau of the Crying Myst (New Orleans)  October 2021 – December 2023
Produced by The Palace of Tears
Mastered  by Robert Rich
Artist photos by Amanda Trumbull Photography

Album cover image by Antonella Di Mattei @eshmoondm
Graphic design & enhancements for photos & artwork by Erick r Scheid

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