Now After Nothing – Sick Fix

Now After Nothing Addresses Toxicity With A New "Sick Fix"...

Now After Nothing – Sick Fix!

Atlanta-based darkwave band, Now After Nothing recently unveiled their latest single, “Sick Fix” (Spatial Remix). The song is a remix of last year’s debut single, “Sick Fix” by Now After Nothing‘s own Matt Spatial who wanted to give fans something new while the band wraps production on their debut EP set for release this summer.

Spatial says, “I wanted to put something different out so I lined up another artist to do a remix of “Sick Fix”. I never intended to remix “Sick Fix” myself, The “Sick Fix” (Spatial Remix) just kind of happened. When the remix was done, I loved it so much that I began to incorporate elements of it into the live version of the song.”

The lyrics to “Sick Fix” and the remix are about dealing with ‘toxicity’ and the very real struggle to stay away or detach from the things we know are harmful to us: the family member that treats everyone poorly or the narcissistic partner for example. 

The track is also about the attachment to social media or the commercial media that spews false narratives to instill fear. Deep down we might know that continuing to engage in these things/situations is unhealthy. Yet, like the proverbial ‘car crash’, we can’t seem to turn away.  Over time maybe it becomes so all-consuming that it might feel similar to addiction.  It’s a ‘sick fix’ that we begin to subconsciously crave.

The “Sick Fix” (Spatial Remix) is available on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.

Atlanta-based darkwave act Now After Nothing is bringing classic influences and modernized electronic instrumentals to the present-day crowd. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Matt Spatial brings masterful expertise to the expansive project and it’s evident in the dynamic collection of tracks that cover a vast selection of genres from punk to industrial and new wave. The influences from Bauhaus, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth shine as he seamlessly enmeshes the best parts of those artists into a new iteration of seductive, introspective, and mesmerizing goth tracks for the next generation. Spatial intricately weaves social, political, and personal narratives within the instrumentals to add depth and darkness that resonates with lost and misunderstood souls. 
What originated as a solo idea is now skyrocketing into a full-fledged project coming to fruition. Now After Nothing is poised to announce a new EP on the way that was fully written and recorded by Matt Spatial alongside drummer Michael Allen. The band has also been making waves with their energetic live shows having shared the stage with Curse Mackey (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface) and darkwave rising stars, Astari Nite.