Wave Gotik Treffen 2019 Festival Review

WAVE – GOTIK – TREFFEN 07-10/06/2019

REVIEW by Malice F. & George P. for Electrowelt.com


Electrowelt.com keeping up with its tradition presents the most important moments of the 28th Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany. For the 28th consecutive year, at Whitsun, THE biggest worldwide music -and not only- gothic festival took place in Leipzig and managed to gather around 20.000 fans from the gothic scene from all over the world, USA, Japan, Australia, Mexico, making it again THE biggest international gathering of the dark family. Furthermore, the festival occurred at more than 40 venues all over the city, more than 200 bands performed, hundreds of gigs from Electro-Pop to Goth-Metal, from EBM to Neofolk, from medieval music to Post Punk, plus a fully diverse program like every year, which included art exhibitions, readings and lectures held by various authors, movie presentations at the cinema and the classic autograph sessions. Since there was great demand and interest from WGT visitors in the last few years, this year’s WGT program included once again wonderful classical and chamber music, operas, such as the organ and choir concert.

Art and culture lovers had the chance to admire the historical buildings of the Renaissance, Baroque and Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) eras: the entrance to several of Leipzigs museums was again free of charge for WGT-guests to visit.

The visitors painted once more the city black and had the chance to attend the impressive medieval market and the pagan village at Heidnisches Dorf, where they could step back into the romantic atmosphere of ancient times at the medieval market place at this famous Pagan Village, the impressive Victorian Picnic at Clara Zetkin Park attended by a great number of visitors dressed in historic clothing and costumes and many parties at the wonderful Moritzbastei.

For four days a large hall at the AGRA -Messepark transformed into the biggest Gothic-wares marketplace in the world, literally a Goth’s paradise, where you can find a huge variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, and of course many CD & Vinyl stands, where you can spend hours and hours to explore thoroughly (as I always do).

For all goth fans who are planning their visit it’s useful to know that the inhabitants of Leipzig are extremely friendly, as well as familiar, with the Festival and its’ visitors, gothic guests are very welcome here.

The most fascinating aspect of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen is surely its unique magic atmosphere that covers the whole city. Cheap and entertaining accommodation is available at the huge Treffen camping ground, with a special ticket (called Obsorgekarte). Free use of all public transportation for all WGT visitors really helps too, as long as they present their WGT bracelet or band in German, which also applies for all WGT concerts, performance, as well as free museum entrances.

We especially found extremely useful the special tips that WGT offered us, which is one of the various reasons we love the WGT festival: apart from famous bands of the scene, the WGT program always includes several hidden treasures and discoveries regarding lesser-known bands that delivered outstanding concerts.

Therefore, before visiting the WGT, we definitely would like to suggest to take a closer look into the program and to listen to some sample tracks of the artists you do not know. The WGT app proved to be especially helpful too, to check schedule times and gigs on the road.

The festivities started on Thursday 06/06/2019, with the established and much anticipated WGT EBM warm up XIV at the wonderful Felsenkeller venue with very much beloved and appreciated EBM bands. Dive, Spark!, Statiqbloom, NordarR, Rue Oberkampf performed this year. Afterwards, there was a minimal, synth, wave party on one floor and on another dancefloor, an old school industrial, noise night. There was also the warm up concert event, which is always worthwhile to visit, at Moritzbastei, with Electro All Star meets Schwarzes Leipzig Tanzt, an EBM karaoke fun event. Well known ebm artists, this year participated Eskil Simonsson (Covenant), Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect), Boris May (Klangstabil), Genevieve Pasquier (Thorofon), take the microphone and perform different favorite songs from all genres.

Friday 07/06/2019

Das Ich (D), Gitane Demone (USA), White Lies (GB)

by George P and Malice F

After all the necessary press procedure, our first gig was the legendary German act Das Ich, at the Agra Halle. Initially, we planned to see Absurd Minds at Westbad venue, but unfortunately, it was not possible to make it, so we stayed at Agra. Friday was very interesting to us personally gigweise and in different genres, there was Hante, In Strict Confidence, a super-duper band selection at the Volkspalast with Camerata Mediolanense, Coph Nia, Evi Vine, King Dude. So as usual, tough band selections had to be made.

Back to our WGT festival beginning with Das Ich at Agra main festival hall. They have turned 30 years old and they are still very much modern and in touch with their audience and the goth scene in general, touring very often participating in the biggest dark, gothic festivals. The group was created by Stefan Ackermann and Bruno Kramm and was credited with co-founding of “Neue Deutsche Todeskunst” (New German Death Art), a musical movement in the early 1990s, with other prominent bands like Goethes Erben, Lacrimosa. Bruno Kramm and the second keyboardist the newest edition to the group for live gigs, first appeared on stage. Bruno Kramm had his hair styled in his signature red devil’s horns and interacted in his own warm and special way with the fans. Stefan Ackermann appeared last on stage, naked as usual from the waist up and with his torso painted red. The fans welcomed them with great enthusiasm; the duo was enjoying the public’s warm welcoming by making faces, requesting sing-alongs. The tracks that stood out and thrilled the fans were “Die Propheten”, “Kannibale”, my own favorite “Gottes Tod” and Agra venue went ballistic with “Das Destillat”.

I left Agra earlier for the wonderful venue of Täubchenthal. There was no chance in freakin’ hell I would miss Mrs Gitane DeMone and her divine performance. Another legend, rare for a female artist in this scene to be accepted and recognized as a legend. Her career spans more than 30 years, coming to prominence in the mid-1980s as keyboardist and backing vocalist of the influential deathrock band Christian Death with Rozz Williams and then husband Valor Kand. In addition to her work with Christian Death, Demone has previously been a member of Pompeii 99, worked with Dreadful Shadows, and has had a solo career from 1989 when she relocated in Amsterdam. She had an obvious background in punk and deathrock/gothic rock, but she also had a passion for jazz and legendary female vocalists, most notably Billie Holiday. She maintained a rubber-clad S&M visual image, and the fetish theme carried through into her lyrics. Furthermore, she is an acclaimed visual artist, writer and poet.

Under the title Gitane DeMone Quartet, she currently collaborates with Rikk Agnew, the guitarist of Christian Death, and creates, records and performs with other musicians including Paul Roessler (The Screamers, etc.) and Debra Erin Benham. A unique sound, the atmosphere at the venue was electrified and I noticed such a devotion to her music and stage performance by the fans that is rather rare. Mrs DeMone informed us that firstly we would listen to some new stuff. She was very energetic, interacted with the fans with humor, there was many cheers and at the end, she asked the fans for requests and satisfied some of them. Before starting with the magnificent “Incendiary Lover”, she informed us that it was a song from quite a long time ago and at some point, she said that she wouldn’t do these songs anymore; but she knows that we love them, so she would do them anyway. Other highlights were the Suicide cover of “Ghostrider”, “Bells for Barbara” and “Douglas Street”. Once again, an awesome performance by all members, her voice and artistic presence were divine. Thank you WGT.

We closed our night at Agra Halle with the midnight special performance of White Lies from London. They started their gig at 00:25. The venue was not packed, but there were many people eager to see them, since the band’s international success has been steadily growing. The band was founded in 2007 and they have released five albums, the last one named ‘Five’ was released this year. Since the release of their debut album in 2009, British press calls this band the “successor of JOY DIVISION or THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN” and puts them on the same level as EDITORS or INTERPOL. The setlist included songs from their beginning like “Death” to the newest track “Tokyo” from 2019, the audience was having fun and dancing to their tunes.

Exhausted, as soon as we listened to their hit “To Lose my Life” we called it a night, since a demanding next day was in front of us.


Saturday 08/06/2019

Haujobb (D), Dk Zero (USA), Welle Erdball (D), Nitzer Ebb (GB), Electrowelt.com dj set @Moritzbastei

by Malice F and George P

Our day started at Agra, catching up with friends from all over the world, at our annual date at the WGT and in between capturing with our cameras the wonderful and impressive festival visitors. After the necessary Absinth potions at the Agra garden, we headed in the venue.

First band was a very well-known musician and dj in the scene, with various music projects, Mr Daniel Myer with electro industrial, ambient formation of Haujobb. The German band was created in 1993, achieving over the years quite a cult following of fans in the industrial scene. They blended in their albums increasing amounts of drum ‘n’ bass and IDM features into their sound. They have since reintroduced some of the more rhythmic elements back into their sound on their more recent albums, but have continued to experiment, drawing concepts from a wide variety of musical styles. It was a very good live gig, with great sound. Highlights were “Renegades of Noize”, “The Noise Institut”, “Antimatter”.

Next in line was DK-Zero from USA. They are an industrial rock band formed in 2015 by Seattle Musician and bassist, D-Punk (of the iconic Steampunk band Abney Park) and Welsh born Steampunk fashion icon, TV personality, erotic model and entrepreneur, Kato.  If you are into Marylin Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie, you will love them; they are creating, as they describe it, the best fusion of Industrial Rock and EDM today. Very energetic stage presence, industrial rock tunes and up beat atmosphere. Highlight was Chris L from Agonoize who accompanied them on stage; he sang “Slave like You” and their hit “Boom Boom”.

We stayed at the Agra Halle as it was time for the wonderful Welle:Erdball. The crowd got bigger, as their performance is much beloved by not only their fellow Germans, but as well as by the majority of goth, darkwave, electro fans. So, we took our places to dive with them as leaders into their minimal synth electro computer universe and make the most of the WELLE: ERDBALL experience. Since they were formed in 1990, the group is well known for its extraordinaire and playful performance. Retro and vintage outfits, unique, nostalgic synth motives, Mr Honey’s imposing stage performance, all of the above have contributed to making the band’s name a must-see in the scene. This time was no exception, great concert with their signature stage sketches, visuals and projections aiding their performance in the best way possible. We listened to many of their hits that satisfied all the fans like “Schweben, fliegen, fallen”, “Arbeit adelt!”, “Ich bin nicht von dieser Welt”, “Monoton & Minimal” and of course their super anthem “Starfighter F-104G”.

It was time for our last Agra headliner concert of the night, before we head to Moritzbastei for our dj set. What can I say and describe about NITZER EBB, the pioneers of the EBM scene? The British EBM group formed in 1982 by Essex school friends Vaughan “Bon” Harris (programming, synthesizers, drums, vocals), Douglas McCarthy (vocals), and David Gooday (drums). The band at the beginning was inspired by the post-punk scene and legendary dark wave bands, like Siouxsie and the BansheesKilling Joke and Bauhaus, who had a big influence on them, as they have confessed. Broader recognition and international success came with their debut album “That Total Age”, which was released in 1987. Depeche Mode, longtime friends and label mates of the band, invited them to open for the European leg of their successful Music for The Masses Tour in 1987, making them a household name in the ebm industrial scene. After the tour, David Gooday left after the band and they completed their next album Belief (1989) as a duo. They had a ten-year hiatus before starting to collaborate again in 2007 for new material resulting in the creation of “Industrial Complex”. A Nitzer Ebb concert is always much anticipated, the band fills the venues with hardcore EBM fans and it’s a guarantee for an awesome night, one that will be remembered for a long time. Douglas McCarthy is a gifted front man, he has the ability to command the stage -the huger the stage, the better!- and to mesmerize the audience with his electric, energetic performance. Bon Harris and the other live band members took their places on stage behind the keyboards and laptop and in a few minutes, Douglas made his stage appearance in a very positive mood with “Come Alive” and continued with “Ascend” and “Blood Money”. Bon Harris contributed to the vocals; he even came at the front of the stage with Douglas for their anthem “Join in The Chant”. The fans were having a blast, cheering and dancing to their songs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the whole concert, but we listened to the all-time classics “Lighting Man”, “Getting Closer”, “Shame” and “Fun to Be Had”. Fantastic concert, which was accompanied by impressive light show and clear loud sound. What a sent off to our dj night!

We left in a hurry for our Electrowelt.com dj set (dj George P. & djane Malice F.) at Moritzbastei! Once again, we had the honor and enormous pleasure to be part of the Wgt festivities and parties and spin some of our music selections, at Moritzbastei club. Our dj set lasted all night, beginning later than usual at 00:00.

Our dj set was at the same venue as last year, the Veranstaltungstonne (VT) and the dj night went by the name Advanced Dark Sounds. We shared the decks and had a blast with dj Markus Mueller from Planet Myer Day and dj Mirko Magnus from Schwarzes Leipzig Tanzt. A lot of visitors, awesome party vibes, and guests were dancing all night long. We got in touch with dear friends from all over the world that we meet and hang out every year at the WGT and of course, we met many nice people with very supporting words for our presence there. The music we played was mainly EBM, Industrial, paying tribute to WGT’s line up, as well as some dark wave and synthpop tunes too, we always emphasize to anthems of the scene and our target is for everyone who attends our parties to dance and enjoy themselves. We would like to thank from heart all of you, as well as the people working at Moritzbastei and our dj collaborators for an amazing party night. Hope to see all of you again at our next dj set at the 29th WGT and create once more great memories.

Sunday 09/06/2019

Parade Ground (), Cassandra Complex (GB), London After Midnight (USA), Electrowelt.com dj set @KobraKeller

by Malice F and George P

We started our concert day at the Haus Leipzig venue at around 19:30. The venue was already full, since the energetic Zweite Jugend played beforehand and Orange Sektor opened the venue, so it was a guarantee for awesome old school ebm and electro minimal sounds to which fans danced with pleasure. The band that was already performing was one of Electrowelt absolute favorites, Parade Ground. Two brothers, Jean-Marc and Pierre Pauly, created the Belgian band in 1981. They are considered as pioneers of the cold wave, synth pop and EBM music genre, and in my opinion their music mark in the scene and their history in general are quite underrated, especially compared to other bands of the scene. Their first 7″ was released in 1983 and was produced by Daniel B and Patrick Codenys of Front 242 on the New Dance label. After various maxi singles, still produced by members of Front 242, but also by Colin Newman the producer of Wire, their first album was released in 1988 under the title “Cut Up”. Parade Ground will then go on to contribute music and lyrics on two Front 242 albums (“Up evil” and “Off”). After several years devoted to other activities, like novel writing and plastic art, the brothers made their come back in 2007 with a new album “Rosary”, which was produced by Patrick Codenys (Front 242). In the last 5 years or so, they have also started to perform in various festivals and concerts, and I personally caught them live at the Belgian W festival for the first time and I liked their concert a lot. However, this time they were better. Their communication on stage and the lightshow were impressive. They have a cult following, the fans were dancing and cheering, definitely one of the WGT concert gems. Discussing their performance with fellow fans, we all agreed that Parade Ground never disappoints. Right after, I purchased their vinyl album released in 2012 “The 15th Floor” which included unreleased tracks from the eighties. I recommend it strongly to fans of this genre. We had a blast with “Strange World” and “Gold Rush”.

We definitely wanted to see London after Midnight at Agra Halle, we had some distance to cover, but we decided that I should stay for at least 4 songs for the legendary Cassandra Complex and George would head to Agra for London, in case I would not make it in time for it. So around 21:00, I took my place in the pit waiting for the band to show. Andy Booth (guitar), Volker Zacharias (bass) and Axel Ermes (keyboards) first entered the stage, the visuals behind them with Cassandra Complex symbols welcomed us to their cosmic universe. Mr Axel Ermes has a very impressive bio, he’ s a member of Girls Under Glass, he co-wrote songs for Wolfsheim and he has supported bands like Front Line Assembly, Project Pitchfork, Die Krupps, Combichrist, vnv nation as sound engineer. Last but least, Mr Rodney Orpheus appeared on stage and the fans cheered him intensely. It’s always so great to see his kind, artistic and moving performance. For over 30 years, The Cassandra Complex have been at the forefront of electronic rock music. They were formed in 1980 in Leeds, England. Leeds, does it remind you of something? Maybe Sister of Mercy, Gang of Four and Soft Cell, iconic music acts that have inspired many artists and groups in this scene and not only. They are still playing powerful live shows and making ground-breaking records. Their participation in a festival roster is always one of the definitive factors for me to attend. I strongly suggest to the fans of dark wave, gothic rock and even industrial genre to see live such an iconic and influential band. I only had the chance to stay for 4 songs, fortunately I would have the opportunity to enjoy them again live in two other festivals. Like every other time, they were awesome. Moving, inspiring, memorable live performance. They began with the theme from “The Invisibles”, and then “What can I Do”, the bombastic “Valis” and “Why?” followed. This band has fairly won their cult following’s love, devotion and respect.

Last but much anticipated concert of the day was London After Midnight (LAM) from America at Agra. I have personally traveled to see them 3 times in the past and once in my home country in 2008, but the fact remains that the chances to see the legends of Goth and Industrial Rock live were quite rare. Therefore, the announcement of their participation in a festival roster is always considered a big advantage for a festival, since they have a large following for decades in the goth subculture. In addition, I am sorry to inform my fellow compatriots that seeing London After Midnight in Greece it literally bares no comparison whatsoever to their performance and the magical atmosphere of the biggest festival of the scene, Wave Gotik Treffen. The venue was packed, the live started with an imposing intro, which combined the epic “Carmina Burana” anthem and “The Devil’s advocate” theme and it was strengthened by visuals and projections announcing new releases of “Oddities” and “Selected Scenes” as coming soon.

First, Pete Pace at the drums, Matthew Setzer on live guitar and Michael Areklett playing the bass appeared on stage and then came the band’s mastermind, Sean Brennan. I still remember the first time I listened to their album “Selected Scenes from the End of the World” in the 90s. I felt very lucky to be a part of this scene and to witness an artistic mastermind’s creation. In addition to the legendary anthems that LAM has gifted us, I am a huge fan, because they are so much more to them. Not just clothes and goth imagery, but support of animal rightsenvironmental and human rights issues, progressive and liberal politics.

Back to their WGT performance, unfortunately, Sean experienced problems with the sound in his earphones, as it was understandable, he felt a little frustrated at first, that was clearer to us, but at no point, this problem interfered with his mood or his exquisite performance. They started with “A Letter to God” and then the magnificent track of “Psycho Magnet”, then the nostalgic “Shatter” and the dark romantic tune of “Spider and the Fly” followed. It was a best hits setlist with some gems from the past that LAM doesn’t perform often live, like “Inamourada” and “The Bondage Song”. Before “Revenge”, he asked the audience “who here hates Nazis?” and the fans responded with cheers and applause. “Claire’s Horror”, “Your Best Nightmare”, “Kiss” and for the encore they left us with a wonderful performance of the epic “Sacrifice”. A truly legendary band and a memorable performance, which always stands out among festival headliners, as it did this time too.

We rushed to Kobra Keller venue for our second guest dj set with two wonderful guys that we collaborated once before, dj Porno and dj DarkSense. The venue is new in the dark scene, but it’s amazing, it’s like a vault, you feel that you are entering some other age or era, the lights and smoke machines contributed a lot to this mystical atmosphere. It was more of a club venue, it was packed with WGT visitors and everyone was dancing, it was once more a great experience. We mainly spinned ebm, industrial and synthpop, but later on we played some dark wave and neofolk tunes too. What an awesome way to close our 3rd WGT day.

Monday 10/06/2019

Patenbrigade Wolff (D), Nachtmahr (A), Velvet Acid Christ (USA), Agonoize (D)

by George P and Malice F

So, we come to the last and melancholic day of the festival, since the next day we were traveling back home, and there was also a lot of rain. We had a different scheduling of bands in mind for Monday, but due to the weather, we decided to stay at the Agra.

We were there in time to catch Patenbrigade: Wolff on stage with “Stalinallee”. I must admit that from the newest selections of the new industrial bands, they are one my favorites. P:W, as they describe their sound, is a multi-faceted Electro mixture of Pop and Beats, Ambient, Techno, Club, Industrial and Wave. The Berlin based band was founded in 1998 and are influenced mainly by electro pioneers Kraftwerk but furthermore, they include in their influences and inspirations, Future Sound of London, Front 242, Depeche Mode and Tangerine Dream. I surely find that they have created their own individual sound in contemporary dance industrial club music. I personally enjoy to dance like crazy to their electro beats!

Their live shows are quite exciting, there is always a theatrical approach, interaction with the audience and props on stage and they also like to record the fans during their show. As usual, they were dressed in their signature orange construction-worker uniforms with yellow safety hats. There was 5 or 6 band members on stage, the sound was fantastic and the wgt audience had a blast. I We danced to “Stalinallee”, “Demokratiscer Sektor”, “Signal” and of course “Gefahrstoffe”.

Next gig in line was Nachtmahr from Austria and Agra was filled with their fans. At around 19:20, the band’s front-man, Thomas Reiner appeared on stage dressed, as usual, in a uniform with the girls that accompanied him dressed in military outfits too. Although Nachtmahr has created some controversy due to imagery they use in their visuals during their shows, they guarantee fans an intense dance setlist in their shows. So there was no exception this time, they played most of their hits. I stayed for two songs “Tanzdikator” and “Feuerfrei” and then made my way with friends to my favorite Absinth corner and in the company of the lost twin brother of Brendan Perry (��) for our last absinth portions and farewells. I believe we prepared sufficiently enough for the thrilling Velvet Acid Christ.

VAC is a dark electro, industrial band based in Denver founded by Bryan Erickson in 1990. The band’s lyrical inspirations include topics like  love, hate, depression, misanthropydrugs, and religion. Bryan Erickson is the group’s main songwriter. It’s a pity that not many fans of the industrial music scene know them as well as they deserve, they have a remarkable music career spanning 13 albums. If you love Skinny Puppy, Yelworc, Front Line Assembly, Aphex Twins, they are your guys and you must certainly check them out. The show was incredible, very atmospheric and much more improved and powerful than the last time I show them live, at WGT of course. Apart from Bryan, a female member of the band took over the vocals for some songs and Bryan coordinated behind his laptop. Haunting dark electro sounds and statement impressive visuals complimented their performance in the best possible way. Everybody participated and got their dance of! Highlights were “Caustic Disco”, “Fun with Drugs”, “Futile” and “Malfunction”.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my review, we had different plans, we wanted to see Sad Lovers and Giants or Job Karma and Tangerine Dream at Volkspalast. However, our friends at the Agra and the weather changed our minds and we stayed the whole night at the Agra. It was time for AGONOIZE. As a dj in this scene, I am familiar with their music since they first appeared and George P. was also their promoter in the one and only show they played in Athens at least a decade ago. They are not my favorite music, their live shows, though impressive, often provoke intense reactions, since there is a lot of blood, knives and other not so pleasant images. The truth is however that they have come a long way since their first started, they have dynamite tracks and almost each one is a killer dancefloor hit worldwide. The Aggrotech stars started in 2002 and played their first concert in 2004. The band consists of front man and mastermind Chris L., Olli S. and Mike J. (2003-2011). Chris L. is also currently the lead singer for FUNKER VOGT and their show is also very good. Back at their headliner performance, at first a man wearing a mask was wheeled in by another member, as an intro was playing and slowly the band members took their places behind keyboards and drums. All of them had full body make up, masks, extreme outfits. Then entered Chris L. slowly, carrying a knife. He had a vicious look; he was totally in character. After a few tracks, I believe it was during “Staatsfiend” when he pretended to slit his veins with the knife and poured fake blood to the audience with great pressure from his famous jacket. Great fear for us photographers that our cameras and ourselves will be splattered and covered in blood too. There were announcements about this kind of show though and is a common secret among festival goers about this aspect of an Agonoize show. Most fans don’t mind though, the ones that they know it! They in fact like it to be covered in fake blood and they remain that way even after the show is over. The show and the music were impressive. The vocals were distorted, as always, but you could see that Chris L. and his buddies were determined to make the WGT visitors have an awesome time. The venue was burning with enthusiasm. We listened to “Schaufensterpuppearsch”, “Glaubenkrieger”, their new track “A Vampire Tale”, “Bis Das Blut Gefriert”, 1st encore with “Koprolalie” and “Sacrifice”. Full dance killer hit setlist. They also did two covers, one from Prodigy “Breathe” and for the 2nd encore “I was made for loving you” by Kiss.

That was all folks! We headed back to our hotel for some well-deserved rest.

I can’t emphasize enough, that we were so thrilled to be back at such a well-organized event and to present it for all of you at our web magazine. The biggest dark gathering of the scene, excellent organization, fans from all over the world and of all kinds of music united, respected each other and had fun. Great sound and concerts, big event diversity for all tastes, in the unique way of WGT.

We hope that you will find our media coverage interesting and informative, we tried as always to cover the festival for you guys in the best way possible and with the means available. Your feedback and comments are always welcomed.

Thank you WGT, for sticking to quality, not always so popular and known, but unique band selections.

We are already looking forward to the 29th WGT edition of the black gathering next year, which will take place from May 29th o June 1ST 2020.

Please check out our Electowelt.com Youtube channel with wonderful videos from all of our favorite bands and of course our extended photo gallery.

Take Care and Control. See you all again in dark Leipzig next year!