Dero Goi – Resurrected

DERO GOI, former frontman of 'Neue Deutsche Härte' pioneers OOMPH!, releases 'Resurrected' as the second video single marking his new career as a solo-artist...

Dero Goi – Resurrected!


DERO GOI, former frontman of ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’ pioneers OOMPH!, releases ‘Resurrected’ as the second video single marking his new career as a solo-artist.

It is not accidental that the clip is coming out during the Easter weekend and particularly Good Friday. Dero openly embraces his Christian faith and the opening sequence quotes Isaiah 53:5 which refers to the passion of Christ. ‘Resurrected’ also contemplates what it means to face one’s own dark side. Musically, the singer again demonstrates his outstanding prowess as a songwriter with this utterly captivating track.

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DERO GOI comments: “The lyrics of ‘Resurrected’ are about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ”, the frontman writes. “The video deals with the fact that I have struggled with severe depression and suicidal thoughts for more than 35 years – and how I was finally healed by Jesus Christ when I became a born again believer in him.”

DERO GOI is back! The former OOMPH! frontman delivers a clear statement of intent – both musically, in the shape of his  first excellently produced single ‘Clickbait’ that heads into the synth wave direction, as well as lyrically with a full-frontal assault on our addiction to social media and sensory overload. 

DERO GOI remains true to his unbending will of carrying on as a non-conformist artist. Always outspoken and never shy to share his views, his coming out as a Born Again Christian still critical of the churches in 2020 and declared libertarian political leaning have provoked a wide range of reactions. Those include massive problems in finding a label, booking agent and even shows being cancelled. This poses the question: how tolerant is a scene that prides itself of greatest openness to any social class and lifestyle when those values are being put to the test? Are freedom of the arts and freedom of thought only for those, who conform to certain popular ideas? Sure, there are consequences to words and there are limits to any freedom, but should those apply to an artist who stands firmly on the ground of his country’s constitution and is not breaking any laws? What is freedom worth, if it does not entail the right to dissent? DERO GOI begs to differ and that is not a crime.

At a closer look, neither DERO GOI‘s intensive preoccupation with religion nor social commentary are new elements in his work as an artist. As the vocalist and drummer of ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’ (“new German hardness”) pioneers OOMPH!, DERO GOI‘s lyrics have dealt with the global economic crisis on ‘Zwei Schritte vor’ (“two steps forward”) from the album “Des Wahnsinns fette Beute” (“in the mouth of madness”), and the track ‘Sandmann’ with child poverty in Germany. Examples of the former agnostic struggling with organised religion are manifold on such tracks as ‘Feiert das Kreuz’ (“celebrate the cross”), ‘Hast du geglaubt’ (“did you believe”), ‘Schisma’ (“schism”), ‘I.N.R.I. vs. Jahwe’, ‘Gott ist ein Popstar’ (“god is a pop star”) , ‘Gekreuzigt’ (“crucified”) among many others. 

Before DERO GOI, who was born as Stephan Musiol on April 16, 1970 in the German city of Wolfsburg, founded OOMPH! in 1989, he already played in a band with his friend Thomas Döppner aka OOMH! guitarist and co-founder Crap at the age of 15 while both were still attending high school. His musical influences display an open mind to stylistic diversity as DERO GOI names among others D.A.F., NITZER EBB, FRONT 242, THE CURE, KILLING JOKE, EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, AC/DC, DEPECHE MODE, EXTRABREIT, KRAFTWERK, THE BEATLES, ELVIS PRESLEY, and ABBA.

When DERO GOI left OOMPH! at the end of September 2021, all kinds of speculations followed, while the explanation is rather simple. Both sides had developed into different directions in musical as well as lyrical aspects, and it was just the right choice to take, instead of plowing ahead into endless arguments and conflict.

First excerpts from his upcoming solo-project have already hinted that DERO GOI will move into a more electronic direction than the songs previously heard of him. Don’t expect the singer to hold back or shut up. His debut will be released via Dependent early next year.

Style: RetroSynth

Current line-up
Dero Goi – vocals, all instruments

Guest musician
Walter S. Riffschmied – guitar solo on ‘Resurrected’

Produced at SalvationStudio
Mastering by Michael Rodenberg at GateStudio, Wolfsburg (DE)

Artwork & layout by Korinna Kostulnya