Pouppée Fabrikk – Armén

Pouppée Fabrikk returns with all new album, the 1st since the '90s...

Pouppée Fabrikk returns with all new album, the 1st since the ’90s! 

4 formats available incl. vinyl.


Pouppée Fabrikk are back with the very first brand-new studio album since the 90’s, titled “Armén”!
“Armén” will be out on 
Alfa Matrix on March 27, and offers 10 tracks. “Armén”  offers the solid early-Electronic Body Music sonic roots you all know Pouppée Fabrikk for, including Henrik Björkk’s commanding growling vocals, repetitive bass lines and solid hard beats!

 And for the very first time, it also features a song in their native Swedish language, “Kom Ta Min Smärta”. The whole was mastered by legendary Jouni Ollila, also a former member of the band. 

The new album will be released on March 27 in multiple formats including a limited black vinyl edition, a fan CD edition with bonus goodies and a regular CD. All 3 formats can now be pre-ordered via the Alfa Matrix webstore.

 A download is also available via Bandcamp as well with 2 tracks for immediate download when you place your pre-order.

 The formats available via www.alfa-matrix-store.com :

  • Armén (Limited Black Vinyl) LP: This black vinyl format is limited to 300 units worldwide.

  • Pouppée Fabrikk – Armén (Limited) CD: This deluxe carton box edition of the album includes unique bonus outfit goodies: a 3 cm black metal pin with embossed white logo, an embroidered 10 cm black circle patch with band logo and 3 reversed crowns in silver and some bonus design material.

  • Pouppée Fabrikk – Armén (Limited) CD: the normal CD version

  • Pouppée Fabrikk – Armén (download): download with 2 tracks for immediate download – available via Bandcamp


Pouppée Fabrikk Bio: 
Pouppée Fabrikk have been active since 1987 and are the absolute leaders of what is called the 
EKM movement (Elektronisk Kroppsmusik). Their minimalist powerful electronic style has often been compared to electronic pioneers like DAF and Nitzer Ebb but the band has always managed to create a very own approach.  

With the addition of Jouni Olilla and Jonas Aneheim on guitar the band moved towards a more Die Krupps-style electronic/metal mix. The “Your Pain – Our Gain” CD was meant to be released in 1996, but due to differences in opinion between the band and the record company (Energy Rekords) it was delayed until 1999. In 1996 the band decided to take a break and PF was put on hold and the band members worked on various solo projects.

In 2000 the band briefly re-united for a gig at the Tinitus Electronic Festival and released a 4-track mini CD entitled “Elite Electronics”. The band fully re-united in 2009, with Christian R filling the place of former member Jouni Ollila. Their previous album (“The Dirt”) released in 2013 wasn’t really a new album as it held material based on early abandoned demo’s next to a few new songs. It was however very well received by their fanbase who craved for old school material from the band. 

In 2019, the band announced the production of a new album, “Armén”, the first full length album since 1994. 


  • Rage (1990)
  • Portent (1991)
  • Crusader (1992)
  • We Have Come To Drop Bombs (1994)
  • Djävulen (1998)
  • Your Pain – Our Gain (1999)
  • The Dirt (2013)
  • Armén (2020)