SN-A: New CD Release – ”Distance”

SN-A: ”Distance” – Voyage of no return?!

Electronic music artist Sevren Ni-Arb (X MARKS THE PEDWALK) continues the creation of a new dimension of sound with album no. 2 of his ambient music project SN-A.

DISTANCE is a thrilling music experience that carries you along into the deep of a futuristic sound space.

Every track unveils an amazing microcosm of modern electronic sounds with driving beats, pulsating basslines, hypnotic synths and spherical soundscapes. And every track is part of a greater whole – monumental, epic!

Make DISTANCE the atmospheric soundtrack of your personal voyage – full of hope, full of longing, full of loneliness.

SN-A – the combination of letters stands for no one else than SEVREN NI-ARB aka X MARKS THE PEDWALK.

Sound wizard Sevren Ni-Arb formed his ambient electronic music project in 2012. “Transmissions” was the first album (CD + digital) – out June 2013.

Close your eyes and let your thoughts guide you into an electronic odyssey – the ultimate electronic soundtrack for here and now, tomorrow and the future! Atmospheric, fascinating and disturbing, driving and thrilling.

Expect the unknown, don´t wait for return. Are you ready? Let´s get started!