Fritch – How’s the View There?

Fritch: A process, progression, an evolving collection. Music and words with no fixed address...

Fritch – How’s the View There? LP/CD/MC

Artist: Fritch
How’s the View There?
LP / CD / MC
Cat No:
VOX 54
Experimental, Post-rock, Slowcore, Indie Rock, Dreampop
Scott Walker, Bowie’s ★, Swans, Low, Tindersticks
Release date:
April 2020

Not so long ago, we got a demo from England and what we heard just struck us. Very professional, very emotional, very deep! Fantastic darkened experimental indie rock / post-rock heavily influenced by late Scott Walker, Bowie’s ★ and Swans but yet unique. Check it out now, hope you share our enthusiasm.

Fritch: A city in Hutchinson and Moore Counties in the U.S. state of Texas. 35.6398°N, 101.6032°W. Population 2,117 (2010 census). 
Fritch: A process, progression, an evolving collection. Music and words with no fixed address. Population… open and growing. 
“Tough on ourselves, out of place, out of time. A bag of devices and half sized contraptions sit unused and stuffed in a corner. Ho Chi Min City’s nervous system of synapses fire, whine and grind through the gristle. 
In the back of my mind there’s a house deep in Texas where the decades and decor hang in 120F heat, where the imprints of families all grown up and gone hang like words that still cling to the walls…” 
What began on a laptop in the U.S. and Vietnam found a home in the U.K. and collaborative works. Violins, pianos, bangra drums and electronics. Experimentation with textures and sound. Scott Walker and Low and Leonard Cohen and Burial all helped shape live loops and their echoes.  
What arrived is an mini-album of self contained songs that twist dreampop, slowcore, post-rock and experimental, melancholia and love, and fear into heartfelt contortions. This is honesty, beauty, unease, naked truths, all laid out and painfully open.  

From everyone who put in. From everyone yet to work with.  We invite you to look and to listen.