Clan of Xymox – In love we trust

Genre: Gothic,new wave,electro
Release Date: August 18, 2009

After 25 years of activity in the underground scene Clan of Xymox came back in 2009 with their new stunning
album which combines the early melancholic 4AD sound of the band with the glimmering synthesizer sounds of the 90s
and the power of classic darkwave.That’s what I love in this band,they maintain their music not in one genre but
they combine new/dark wave,the dark gothic vocals/music but some electro sounds,too…the ”In love we trust” ,a really nice album which reminds us of their past..

Past and Present combined in this album make the perfect music-brief for Clan of Xymox all these years
and a very good reason for what kept them relevant and popular all these years.

So,”home sweet home” will let you stoned as it is a beatiful balad-like song with a fantastic soft sound..
In the same place I place ”In love we trust” which will remind you the sorrowful voice of Roony,as for it’s music…
just dark and continuus..with a very pale touch of a synthesizer.The yearnings of ”sea of doubt” and the melancholy
of ”morning glow” will also remind you of old favorites and give you the hope that Roony shouts for in the songs,
as the years pass and sun shines and rises….”Love got lost” will give a very taste of the elegiacal melody of Xymox and of
a classic Roony-like vocals…

And we come to ” Judas ” a great song,..I really like the very unique sound of the song…very strange one..listen to it…
as well as ”Desdemona” which differs ”Judas” but is also similar to it! Both are very dark in different ways and with their quite unique sounds.
And yes ”Hail Mary” is a fantastic piece of music!! Excellent in all concepts nothing to add!!
”On A Mission” which was released previously on the ‘Heroes’ EP and is slightly altered and improved here is also good enouhh for this album!!
Very popular with older fans of C.o.X.

And of course,last and in many ways the best and most popular one in this album,”Emily”
….One of the most perfect,most inspired songs of Clan of Xymox ever,with the classic ”female-name title”..I love it’s music,and bow to
the magic of Roony’s voice..It would enchant everybody,,a piece of respect to Clan of Xymox is ”Emily”
Listen to it and you shall feel unsatisfied unti you have listened to it hundred times…

01. Emily
02. Hail Mary
03. Desdemona
04. Judas
05. In Love We Trust
06. Sea Of Doubt
07. Morning Glow
08. Home Sweet Home
09. Love Got Lost
10. On A Mission