And One – Zerstorer (EP)

And One – Zerstorer (Maxi-Single) (2011) FLAC

genre: electronic/pop

release: 2011

label: Out of Line Music

One of the most popular bands in the alternative electronic scene for many years comes back in 2011 with a new EP called ”Zerstörer”. After the live concerts of And One in 2010 we should expect the brand new album called ”Tanzomat” on March 2011 , an album that many fans awaited for some time now. ”Zerstörer” is the 8-track EP released earlier in 2011 and features several different tracks like, live songs from 2010,the original version of Military Fashion Show,3 new songs & a remix!

Honestly,it’s not suprising at all that the EP contains live tracks.We have seen this before from And One and we keep seeing it.It’s has become a tradition to incluse some live tracks from several of their shows in their cds.So in case you missed any shows now’s a good chance to listen to the live songs from ”Zerstörer”. Besides the live tracks you ll have a chance to listen to the original,rockabilly version of Military Fashion Show(again?).

Besides old songs & live tracks the EP contains Zerstörer , Sex Drive & No Song for you. Nothing really amazing..3 brilliant And One tunes once again.I won’t say that this is bad.We all love the unique and experienced sound of And One. I’m just certain that many fans expected something NEW to be released. Only Zerstörer(EP Version) and Sex Drive are really good in the EP with a different sound style each and of course Steve’s melodic voice striking again…

That’s all about Zerstörer. Don’t expect anything amazing in the EP. The typical And One tunes and sounds along with Steve’s deep voice are what we get.The result is good & promising but I really hope that Tanzomat which is OUT NOW , suprises us more.

A CD Review for Tanzomat will follow soon.

01. Zerstorer 3:08
02. Sex Drive 3:50
03. No Song For You 3:53
04. Mirror In Your Heart (Live 2010) 5:07
05. The Secret (Live 2010) 2:24
06. Military Fashion Show (Live 2010) 5:28
07. Military Fashion Show (Original Version) 2:46
08. Zerstorer (Peine I.S.T. Die Ansage 2011 Mix) 3:26