Alien Creation – Super Villain

Alien Creation has unveiled their latest single, “Super Villain” following the success of the previous single, “Red Pill”. “Super Villain” primarily addresses the idea that people bring out the worst in others; something everyone can relate to.

Super Villains often have terrible childhoods or are bullied or have a terrible accident in the lab or something. Thus, a Super Villain is born. The lyrics in “Super Villain” are inspired by a phrase heard from the popular T.V. show, The Big Bang: Theory; “Watch out, he’s one lab accident away from becoming a super villain”.   

“Super Villain” is a powerful tongue-in-cheek tune-laced with textured synthesized layers of hard-hitting sound enriched by the power of real guitars, powerful bass drum and fretless bass. This is all carefully crafted to deliver an incredibly infectious dance track that probes deeply into the senses.

”Super Villain” is also available on Bandcamp

For fans of IAMX & Marilyn Manson.
“Super Villain” is available NOW on all digital outlets. It is the last of unreleased tracks on all digital formats before the imminent release of new recorded material.