Alfa Matrix – Matrix+ Downloaded 011

Alfa Matrix presents: Free download Bandcamp compilation "Matrix+ Downloaded 011" - 60 tracks...

Alfa Matrix presents: Free download Bandcamp compilation “Matrix+ Downloaded 011” – 60 tracks.

In 2023, the Belgian label Alfa Matrix is celebrating its 22nd year of existence. The opportunity for us looking back at what we have achieved recently, but also sharing with you a foretaste of what the next months will sound like in the matrix, but also in the newly founded Spleen+ division devoted to cold wave / post punk / goth rock artists while the Alfa Matrix mother label keeps releasing EBM, synth pop, industrial, dark elektro and other forms of electronic music with attitude!

This new edition of the now classic “Matrix Downloaded 011” digital compilation is another perfect eclectic alternative music soundtrack that reflects the label’s music repertoire and impressive artist roster in the full-force of its diversity.  The ultimate collection of scene famous and established artists featured next to rising new talents and stunning new discoveries from the label’s growing army of artists… 

Αvailable on Bandcamp!

The music market keeps shifting at fast speed, adding more and more pressure on indie labels who struggle to keep marketing physical products (CD’s & vinyls) while the market sees their sales collapsing year after year while music streaming becomes a habit for many people forgetting about the impact all this has on the ever decreasing potential revenues artists and label get. This uncomfortable situation makes that too many indie labels just give up or almost stop playing their key-role of talent scouting, and no longer daring to invest in new talents who deserve to be heard by you! 

With Alfa Matrix/Spleen+ we realise that we are today one of the very few record companies in our dark underground scene to keep struggling with the economics to manage keeping the right balance between releasing renowned artists and supporting younger bands who still need to catch the attention and reach your ears… 

By supporting us and our featured 60 artists today, your contribution goes to the future of our endangered music scene and Alfa Matrix/Spleen+ make the guarantee to you that we will keep fighting on, and injecting more freshness, and new blood into our beloved alternative scene as long as we can.

So please, support us and just download this FREE compilation from our Bandcamp page, discover some artists on it who do bring you enough energy and/or emotional moments to maybe convince you buying one of their own releases available on Bandcamp or simply sharing their songs with some friends of yours who can join you in this discovery adventure… because if there is anything that all our bands deserve is just to be heard… and loved.  

In the name of all the artists we proudly support and represent, we seize the opportunity to sincerely tell you how grateful we all are to have such a staunch fanbase like you in this challenging and difficult situation we are all going through… We are happy connecting hearts & brains and promoting the illumination of the arts as a reflection of the deepest feelings of the human being. 

Once again released as a FREE (pay as you wish) digital compilation, “matrix+ downloaded 011” is downloadable in MP3/FLAC quality via the label’s Bandcamp page (where you can also still find the  previous editions in case you were trapped in another universe over the last few years and did not catch these yet!!).