SPANKTHENUN – ‘The Bunker Tapes Vol. III”

Dark Electro Act, SPANKTHENUN Releases 'The Bunker Tapes Vol. III"...

SPANKTHENUN – ‘The Bunker Tapes Vol. III”

August 24, 2023 – 

The Bunker Tapes VOL III brings The Bunker Tapes trilogy to its conclusion. The trilogy was envisioned to represent a fictitious 30 year career of a band that never really existed, covering influences from 1994 – 2024. 

The Bunker Tapes VOL III covers themes of loss from the pandemic and real world virus that took millions of lives from us. The opening track On The Run explores the world we wrap ourselves in to conform and fall in line. The world in which we struggle to find ourselves and as we fight against the system to be an individual yet still we easily are swayed into to towing the line and playing our part. We are constantly on the run from who we truly are.



About The Bunker Tapes Trilogy:
The trilogy see the start clearly rooted in early 90s Belgium and German EBM and Dark Electro with influences from Leather Strip, Skinny Puppy and Wumpscut. This is the music that SPANKTHENUN would’ve been making in the early 90s if the band existed back then. The second volume see’s that influence move towards the early 2000’s influences, adding in influences from new styles and sub-genre’s of industrial music. The final volume finds itself showcasing a more refined yet minimal sound, that is clearly influence by more modern approaches to dark dance music. Less four on the floor and more musical, yet simple.

The trilogy of The Bunker Tapes was conceived in the early 2020s just as the reality of the global pandemic was first settling in. the band envisioned a future where everything is destroyed and hundreds of years from now archeologists are digging in the dirt and find the ruins of Glitch Studios where SPANKTHENUN has recorded all of their work. They discover a long lost collection of digital audio tapes in this underground bunker and call them The Bunker Tapes.

Tracks like “This Is Not A Drill” and “Desolation Unknown” explore the daily roller coaster of emotions and uncertainty that we dealt with each day during the pandemic. Tracks like “The Wretched” and “Madman” place the blame on our leaders and on ourselves for putting them in power.

The album wraps with “Fuck The Apocalypse” (a fan favorite of the live shows) which just says we have had enough. We know it is real, but it’s time to rebuild and put it all behind us. Maybe we will get it right this time.

For the first two Bunker Tapes albums SPANKTHENUN enlisted the talents of the legendary Claus Larsen of Kulte and Leather Strip fame. The third album the enlisted the talents of Claus Larsen’s right hand man John Mirland to mix and master the new album.



SPANKTHENUN is a band born into the apocalypse with their first album released at the beginning of 2020 and built upon the embers of living thre a truly global pandemic. Their influences might have originally been from fiction and sci-fi incluences… but this band was abruptly awaken by the fact that the virus and the panic is real and we are living it now. This is not some story in a book.

The band has adapted to the digital tools and built their fan base on digital platforms, finally turning it into real life face to face interactions through their live shows in 2022 and 2023. Their lives shows are quickly building a following, with their technically accurate and deadly precision, and the the energy and audience interaction they bring.

SPANKTHENUN has got entire crowds of Rob Zombie rock fans to move to the beat and chant along to the Industrial Beats. They have won the respects of veteran artists like Suicide Commando and Christian Death and their fans. They have already headlined and play to sold out crowds… this band is just getting started and the live show is were they are focused now.

— Track Listing (physical CD and digital album have different track listings)

Physical CD
001 On The Run
002 Blot Out The Sun
003 This Is Not A Drill
004 Crushing Blow
005 Desolation Unknown
006 No One Survives
007 Madman
008 Chrome
009 The Grind
010 The Wretched
011 Fuck The Apocalypse
012 Crushing Blow (Mirland)
013 No One Survives (Grendel Remix)
014 Chrome (Extize Remix)
015 Blak Out The Sun (Moris Blak)
016 Crushing Blow (Dream Black)
017 Blot Out The Sun (Majestoluxe)
018 The Grind (:waijdan:)
019 The Wretched (Bixlee)

*Please note that the above is the listing on the physical CD and that track listing on streaming services is different.

Taping into how music is consumed these days SPANKTHENUN has released a new single from the forthcoming album each month for the last 10 months all building up to the official release of the new album. Each single has several remixes, one from a legend and one from a new underground act from all over the world.II