Metamorph – Kiss Of The Witch

September 21, 2022 - Goth-pop artist, Metamorph spins a gothic love story with their latest full-length album, Kiss Of The Witch...

September 21, 2022 – Goth-pop artist, Metamorph spins a gothic love story with their latest full-length album, Kiss Of The Witch.

Metamorph shares a tale where twin flames are reunited, love wins, and a magical kiss is meant to awaken us from this dystopian nightmare of our chaotic world, activating our superpowers, for a better future together for ourselves and the planet. Each song is a witchy world unto itself; sexy, romantic, intimate, with layers of symbolization.

Metamorph welcomes songstress Margot Day’s daughter and muse Julifer Day with her honeyed smoky vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics. The duo’s voices entwine on the resurrected song “Empress”; a remake of the song by 80s goth band, The Plague, a legendary New York band once fronted by Margot Day.

Day says, “Metamorph‘s “Empress” has a timeless sentiment, where my voice and my daughters merge, where the past meets the present and makes a wish for the future”. “Empress” goes deep into the dark-eyed night – as Metamorph producer and alchemist Erik Gustafson said, “Why go black when you can go midnight?”.

Kiss Of The Witch was written and conceived by witchy singer & flutist Margot Day and produced by Cleopatra Recording artist & alchemist Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed. Remixes by Spankthenun (Bandcamp version) and Xris SMack! (Mindswerve). 

Kiss Of The Witch is available now on all digital platforms including Bandcamp.