CD Release: The Venus Fly Trap – Icon

The Venus Fly Trap Icon (Glass Modern 2018), Out Now…

Produced by Martin Bowes / Attrition.

ICON, the new album from VENUS FLY TRAP following on from NEMESIS which came out in 2008 and a limited red vinyl best of METAMORPHOSIS in 2016.

Mythology has been part of VFTs psyche alongside space and science fiction.

Screen Idols and goddesses, the celluloid pantheon… immortality guaranteed… Music created for imaginary films for your mind. Legend, Iconic, over used, tv celebrities, famous for being famous…

Film noir via Tarantino-female heroines with edge…VITESSE-built for speed, streamlined structure,fast and furious… propullsion, eye liner eyes… like a beam of headlights.

Inspiration from Bladerunner/1984/Alien/Brave New World… via the Velvet Underground.

IN THE MOONLIGHT, gold sun, silver moon, elemental…humans invented gods and godesses from their own imaginations ?Ancient and hidden…duality…night and day, fire, water, earth, air…




Formed in Northampton-UK(famous for Bauhaus and Alan Moore cult comic writer) after parting company with electronic outfit Attrition in the late 1980s.

Early releases came out via French label Danceteria that led to tours of France, Belgium, Germany… European interest has always been strong leading to further albums being released by Azyl (Czech Republic), Spectre (Germany), Soundbuster (Germany) and SPV (Germany/Poland).

There have been many tours taking in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Finland…

The back catalogue was re-issued with new artwork by Big Blue in 2002… VFT are a hard band to pigeonhole,taking their influences from many sources and amalgamating them into a congealed whole…but try “Bladerunner rock n roll/post-punk meets dark electronic wearing rose tinted shades”.



Mars(Danceteria 1989/SPV 2002) Totem (Danceteria 1990/SPV 2002) Pandoras Box (Danceteria 1992/SPV 2002) Luna Tide (Spectre 1995/SPV

2002) Dark Amour (Soundbuster 1997/SPV 2002) Anthology Of The Food (SPV 2000)sampler+rarities, Zenith (Big Blue 2004) Celluloid (Big Blue 2005) video clips, Metamorphosis 1987-2007 (Big Blue 2008) best of compilation/re-issued as an LP Metamorphosis 1987-2010 (Retinal 2016).

Producers have included Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus), Pat Fish (Jazz Butcher) and Martin Bowes (Attrition)… they have shared stages with Mission, Spacemen 3, Tom Verlaine (Television), Christian Death, Red LorryYellow Lorry, Jazz Butcher, Adrian Borland (Sound), Sultans Of Ping, Front Line Assembly, Clan Of Xymox, Cruxshadows, Das Ich, New Model Army, Killing Joke, Psyche, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Attrition, All Gone Dead, Two Witches, Folk Devils, Inca Babies, Theatre of Hate, Pop Will Eat Itself, Chameleons, Spear of Destiny…and played at various festivals Carnival Of Souls (UK), Gotham (UK),Lumous (Finland), Castle Party (Poland),Vampira (Poland), Black Celebration (Belgium)…