Cathedral In Flames – Pale Rider

Prague's premiere gothic rockers, Cathedral In Flames are back with their new single, "Pale Rider"...

Prague-based gothic rockers, Cathedral In Flames have just unveiled their new single, “Pale Rider.”

The song is a tribute to both classic western movies and composer, Ennio Morricone. Obligatory massive choruses, gothic-rock western melodica and chiming guitars underscore a dark tale of an occult battle with cancer.  Production was done by acclaimed producer, John Freyer,

The single is accompanied by a horror clip from midnight graveyard, where long-dead Cthulhu gunslingers come to life under the watchful eye of the foursome of Ambra, Phil, Gatsby and Billac. Gatsby, who portrays the grave desperado, even used an exact replica of Clint Eastwood’s hat in the clip, whose quote introduces the entire song. 

Vocalist and lyricist Phil Lee Fall says of the record, “We’ve always loved and used the western aspects in our take on gothic rock and we’ve taken it to the max in Pale Rider. Cowboy guitars, screaming cowboys, Clint Eastwood and Lovecraftian poetics. Total country overkill. And yet it fires like a very black devils hog on all cylinders.”

And Gatsby, author of the music, adds: “I love westerns, Ennio Morricone, and I put all that into “Pale Rider.” I wrote a darkly gothic cowboy shuffle with an eerily demonic chorus. The mix was an uphill battle, with John having to dip into his reserves of patience a lot to be satisfied, but the result is worth it! After all, it is the title track of the forthcoming album.”

“Pale Rider” is released on the Musicraft label and is available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp and Spotify.