Aesthetische – Boiling Over

Trance EBM act Aesthetische returns with all-new EP: ‘Boiling Over’...

Aesthetische, the EBM/electro band from Brazil founded by former members of Aghast View & Biopsy, is back with a brand new EP: “Boiling Over”, available now on Bandcamp.
On this new EP, the Aesthetische duo (aka Fab Viscardi and Gui Pires) offer the follow-up to 2022’s full-length “Rvprty”. The new EP contains 5 tracks, with 3 versions of the title track – “Boiling Over” – including a smashing (!) remix by label mate Sebastian Komor and two other versions executed by Aesthetische themselves.
The title track can be described as a return to the roots of EBM, but with a range of modern elements mixed in. To complete the 5-track piece, you will find two other tracks – “Dopamine Hyperdrive” – a dark and moody technological piece, and “Final Flow” – an instrumental piece designed to fill club floors.
Not sure what to expect? Fabrício Viscardi explained the sound of the band a few months ago in an interview: “Aesthetische definitely has solid influences from Aghast View and Biopsy, but it is more polished and with influences from Trance and Techno too.” Add to that an exquisite production.
A must-have for fans of Front 242, Front Line Assembly, and similar bands, especially if you are into a superior production approach.
About Aesthetische
Signed to the renowned Belgian Alfa Matrix label, the duo draws on their rich history in the EBM and electro scenes. As a result, they have managed to forge a distinctive sound that sets them apart from their peers, all while staying true to their roots. With each release, the band continues to push the boundaries of the EBM and electro genres.
Starting in 2012, they made a powerful entrance with their debut album, “Powerswitch [LTDPWR] ”. The following year, they expanded their sonic horizons with the release of the “Nachtbrenner EP” and “Statement / Amplitude Zero EP”, further showcasing their versatility. Building on this momentum, the band released the impressive “HybridCore” album in 2014, followed by the “Colder Lights EP” later that year. They continued to push their creative limits, delivering the mesmerising “Cold Is Clean EP” and “Dirt And Basslines EP” in 2015. Their 2016 release, “We Follow Blindly EP”, proved that they were far from slowing down.
Collaborating with Noemi Aurora in 2017, they introduced the appealing “In My Aurora EP” to their growing discography. The band then continued work on their 2019 album, “Co3xist3ns3”, followed by the “MMXX EP” in 2020. Entering the new decade, they didn’t miss a beat, releasing the excellent “Overflow EP” in 2021. Most recently, in 2022, the band has treated fans to yet another album, “Rvprty”, solidifying their place in the EBM/electro scene as innovative trailblazers who consistently deliver enjoyable and engaging music. They ended the year with a splendid remix of “Ukraina” from the charity EP with the same name, released via Side-Line’s own Bandcamp page.