Oldschool EBM project Stahlgeist signs deal with Alfa Matrix and releases alternate version of ‘Escape Reality’ album!

From the Budapest (Hungary) based fine harsh electro artist István Gazdag (First Aid 4 Souls) comes a brand new oldschool EBM project, Stahlgeist which he formed together with his friend Tamás Bank on vocals. Hungarian industrial fans will certainly know Tamás Bank from his other industrial music projects Worker Munkas and Interzone Inc.. 
The project recently signed to Alfa Matrix and presents us now a first release on the label, namely the album “Altered Reality” which is a totally revamped alternate version of the band’s “Escape Reality” debut album from 2019.
Stahlgeist is firmly rooted in the oldschool EBM genre adding a touch of aggrotech complexity. Expect fast solid bass lines, upbeat aggressive sequences and powerful angry vocals. Oldschool EBM at its finest you can say.
You can download the 13-track album immediately now on Bandcamp, the release will be available on all other platforms on October 21st.
ARTIST Stahlgeist
TITLE Altered Reality EP
STYLE EBM, Industrial
LABEL Alfa Matrix
COUNTRY Hungary.