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Brand new releases from FRONT 242 and DANIEL B...

Since the early 80’s, FRONT 242’s ever-growing fanbase has always proven to be the 5th member of the band. A unique communion and interactive relationship between fan and artist that has grown and matured over the course of 4 decades. 
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all missed the numerous FRONT 242 concerts planned in 2020. Well, now we let the FRONT 242 live shows come to you – anytime anywhere… 
The 1991 “Tyranny For” tour has never before been the subject of any official live release. However, this tour was one of the most spectacular in terms of scenery and its exceptional track listing. Remastered from personal recordings, we are presenting the best versions of these live tracks and some rare gems across 2 releases. 
We suggest that you all get back into the atmosphere and the excitement of these intense moments spent live in concert with FRONT 242 for some of you, or to simply discover an exciting period of the Belgian pioneers of electronic music – for others. 
With this “91” release, we hope that these 2 different live recordings will bring you a little closer to better days when we’ll all come together again! 
“91” Double Color Vinyl Box (recorded in Europe)
Strictly limited to 1242 copies worldwide, the “91” double-LP version holds 14 tracks recorded live at various locations during the European tour in 1991.
The 2 cream-colored vinyls are inserted in a luxury carton slipcase packaging with soft touch varnish. The 20-track “Sounds From The Matrix 022” Alfa Matrix compilation is also inserted in each deluxe box. 
The first 300 ordered copies of the double-vinyl edition set will receive a numbered exclusive FRONT 242 live carton photo (210x140mm).
All these live recordings were mixed from tape and assembled by Thierry Herremans (Hills Music) and mastered by Daniel B.
“USA 91” Digipak CD version (recorded in the USA)
The “USA 91” 6-pannel digipak CD version holds 14 tracks recorded live at various locations during the North American tour in 1991.
The first 1000 copies of the CD edition are printed with soft touch varnish on the packaging.
All these live recordings were mixed from tape and assembled by Thierry Herremans (Hills Music) and mastered by Daniel B.
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DANIEL B. – ELKO B. – “66​.​6” CD
CD / download
Founding member of FRONT 242, Daniel B. celebrated his 66th birthday with the DANIEL B. “six+six” release a while back on which he revisited songs from his repertoire, re-filtering them through his limitless sonic kaleidoscope anno 2020 and bringing them to the next instrumental level. Trance, electro, intelligent techno, and body music merged to make one! 
While the COVID-19 pandemic keeps raging, disrupting the whole world, and also continues heavily impacting artists who are now unable to perform live and unite with their fanbase, we challenged the “Devil B.” himself, adding a third “6” to his age by releasing a second chapter to his re-filtering exercise exactly 6 months later. The 66.6 concept was born… 
DANIEL B. of course took the challenge with open arms, joined hands with his good old friend Elko Blijweert who added some hypnotic psychedelic guitars to the work. He this time reinvented solid FRONT 242 classics like “Welcome To Paradise” and “Funkhadafi”, but also turned “Sfr. Nomenklatura” into a stunning mesmerizing hammering club hit, while offering us a new grinding and oppressive DANIEL B. cut aptly titled “The End Of The End”. Over half an hour of messy addictive electronics in a luxurious darkish 4-panel digipak release for your ultimate pleasure. 
No constraint, no restriction for a full dynamic and hi-energy sonic impression! 
Welcome once again to the Electronic B. Music universe… and don’t tell the Devil! 
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