Exclusive Interview Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox)

''I was just making music with the idea it would be one album only. I did not look ahead...''

Ronny Moorings, front man of the notorious band the Clan of Xymox was kind enough to answer a few of our questions, here at the Electrowelt.com…

Electrowelt: Hello Ronny, this is Lucian and I’m so glad to be the person to interview the frontman of Clan of Xymox on behalf of the Electrowelt.com music magazine..

– Ronny Moorings: Hello

Electrowelt: So please tell us, in the early 80’s, when Clan of Xymox were younger, did you have at the time any idea of what you will find yourself achieving in the years to come ?

– Ronny Moorings : No, absolutely not. I was just making music with the idea it would be one album only. I did not look ahead. I was studying Sociology at the University and thought never of myself becoming or being a musician. I was always busy with music, so a surprise it was not either ;))

Electrowelt: Can you give your fans in Greece a clue of how Clan of Xymox came into being?

– Ronny Moorings: It started off as a project of mine. I recorded a mini album on my own with a few synths , guitar and a 4 track recorder. It was a kind of minimalistic album and it caused Clan Of Xymox to be signed by a record label and enabled the then formed live band to record in a professional studio in Scotland and London and released many more albums worldwide in the years to come.

I can be elaborate about it but that would be too much, you better look at our bio section www.clanofxymox.com

if you really want to know more 🙂

Electrowelt: Please tell us what are the main music projects and artists that influenced you in order to finally make your own music?

– Ronny Moorings: I started being interested in music when I was about three years old. I grew up with the Beatles and the Stones and never stopped listening to music since then . I think I was born with a passion for music and is still alive and kicking. I played a lot in local bands , DJ ed at local parties , later when I studied I worked in music clubs as a past time , kept on ( also radio) DJ ing and making music.

Electrowelt: There has been a change in the project when the Xymox became Clan of Xymox and vice versa. I understand this might be a long story to rundown, but could you please tell us what was the main change?

– Ronny Moorings : it was a directional taste , so basically you can say Xymox was a bit more commercial or dance experimental in that direction then Clan Of Xymox which is a more consistent direction, the darker side, a more timeless direction.

Electrowelt: You have been an active musician for about 30 years …

What are the differences in the underground scene of Europe during those years if there are any?

– Ronny Moorings : In the 80’s it was main stream at a certain point with bands like Depeche Mode and the Cure being in the charts and…they still are..once in a while

Yes, the rest is more underground now, but that can change again. I have seen in Germany the first signs already..

Electrowelt: Your music has mainly been ”gothic” but we often listen to more electro songs from you… Is this a specific preference of yours or just nothing in particular ?

– Ronny Moorings: I like not to be bound by one or the other style , so I have many directions. I don’t really care which it is as long as the sound and feeling of the song is good it works for me .

I started off with using a lot of synths in the beginning and I still do. I play guitar and keyboard so it is easy for me to use both 🙂

Electrowelt: It is my belief that your latest album, called ”In love we Trust” was absolutely fabulous!

Could you please compare this release to your older material, like the ”Medusa” for example?

– Ronny Moorings: There is no comparison if you ask me those were different times with a different set of eyes looking at things in a different way than I do now. The aim of music and the musician is to evolve and that is what I did. In Love We Trust is my current taste and style and of course I like it when I hear people pick up on this album 🙂

Electrowelt: Besides being on stage with the Clan of Xymox, do you ever make appearances as a DJ from time to time?

Could you please tell us about that?

– Ronny Moorings: Yes, from time to time I accept an invitation to DJ and I gladly do that because it is a different aspect of being busy with music.

I can play the music I think people like and are also in my range of taste.

The last DJ appearance was in Lisbon and now in Athens which I really look forward to.

Electrowelt: Clan of Xymox is considered one of the most influential gothic bands of the last years… Do you have an opinion on that?

– Ronny Moorings: I cannot comment on such compliments 😉 It is great to hear people say and think that. I know a lot of bands do cover versions or want to have a remix or guest appearances and so forth, all very flattering …

Electrowelt : Are there any particular songs you always enjoy to perform live in your concerts ?

– Ronny Moorings: Yes, those are always the newest ones, just because we did not play them that often 😉 it is simply the most exiting from a musicians point of view 😉

Electrowelt: What about the female song titles you have for many songs? Do they refer to particular people?

– Ronny Moorings: All the names are fictitious. I do not really know people with those names when I wrote the song. I have certain characters in mind of course but in many cases the names I chose just sing better.

Electrowelt: Well in the future, should we expect from you a release in the steps of ”In love we Trust” or something that would be rather closer to your old work?

– Ronny Moorings: I really have no idea. I just write and see what comes out, so I let myself just guide by my feelings inside. That is the only way you get a honest result.

Electrowelt: Are there any plans for an upcoming concert in Greece we should expect? 🙂

– Ronny Moorings: We just played in Athens ( October 2009 ) so I guess not. If you ask me I could play always in Athens but that is of course not up to me 😉

Electrowelt: Dear Ronny, thank you very much for your time and the lovely interview. It is always a great pleasure for me and we’ll be happy to see you in Athens on June. 😀

– Ronny Moorings: Great, thanks 🙂 see you soon!