Christian Death – Death Mix

All New Reissue From Goth Rock Masters CHRISTIAN DEATH Goes Beyond The Veil With DEATH MIX, Featuring Brand New Remixes, Remastered Audio, New Original Artwork, And More...

Los Angeles, CA – Christian Death‘s iconic Death Mix bursts through the mausoleum door after 27 years since its original release.

This brand-new reissue brings new life to the macabre work of art, complete with remastered audio, a new track list, and original artwork by acclaimed painter, Javier Carmona. Death Mix features a musical amalgam of old and new, including remixes by industrial juggernauts Laibach, Die Krupps, and Electric Hellfire Club, complete with contributions from newer dark electronic acts, including burgeoning goth rock icons Creux Lies and UK darkwave multi-instrumentalist, Kill Shelter.

This one-of-a-kind collection arrives just in time to celebrate the arrival of autumn, complete with all the necessary aural ambiance to honor the change of season.


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Christian Death’s eternal legacy lives on through the carefully crafted remixes included in this unique collection. The timeless influence of one of goth rock’s most beloved projects continues to inspire the next generation of goth-industrial creatives as featured in this compilation.

Regarding their All Hallows Eve, Christian Death crossover, Creux Lies remarked, “We have been honored to work posthumously with Christian Death’s Rozz Williams! Thank you to all involved and those who brought this idea to us to tackle for the people. It was a blast working this iconic vocal into a Creux Lies universe. Please have a listen.”



1. Romeo’s Distress (Bloodstone 2022 Mix)

2. Spiritual Cramp (Creux Lies Mix)

3. Death Wish (Birmingham 6 Wishful Death Mix)

4. The Angels (Laibach The Zend-Avesta Mix)

5. Cervix Couch (Spahn Ranch One By One Mix)

6. Spectre (Kill Shelter Remix)

7. Spiritual Cramp (Electric Hellfire Club Mix)

8. Panic In Detroit (FLA Dissassembled Mix)

9. Figurative Theatre (Die Krupps Extended Version)

10. Figurative Theatre (Klute Version)

11. Down In The Park (Kill By Numbers 2023 Mix)



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