BEBORN BETON – I Watch My Life on TV

BEBORN BETON unveil new single ‘I Watch My Life on TV’, taken from forthcoming new album “Darkness Falls Again”!

BEBORN BETON offer a second tasty bite lifted from their forthcoming full-length “Darkness Falls Again”. The laid-back synth pop anthem ‘I Watch My Life on TV’ is now unveiled and available for immediate publication.

Release date: March 17, 2023

Style: Synth Pop

Stefan Netschio – vocals, lyrics
Stefan Tillmann – keys, drums
Michael B. Wagner – keys


Produced,recordedmixed, and mastered 
by Olaf Wollschläger at Railroad Tracks Studios, Kerpen, Germany
Artwork by Volker Maass (


Available formats
“Darkness Falls Again” is available as a 48-page artbook with bonus CD, on black vinyl , on white vinyl (limited edition), and as a digisleeve CD.


The German trio will release “Darkness Falls Again” on March 17, 2023. 

The radio single ”I Watch My Life on TV’ is cleared for immediate airplay and available in MP3 and WAV formats:

BEBORN BETON comment: “Once in a lifetime you meet that special someone and together you are magic”, vocalist Stefan Netschio states on behalf of the trio. “Keep that person around for as long as you can and make sure that you always take a camera with you.”

1. My Monstrosity
2. Dancer in the Dark
3. Last Chance
4. Trockenfallen lassen
5. I Watch My Life on TV
6. Electricity
7. Burning Gasoline
8. I Hope You’re Not Easily Scared

There is more than one way to listen to BEBORN BETON’s ninth album “Darkness Falls Again”: it is possible to just dance and enjoy contemporary synth pop hymns that have a solid musical based in the golden 80s with a dash of cool 90s influences. Catchy tunes and mature songwriting combine to form a sonic joyride.

Yet there is another side to BEBORN BETON, which is mostly expressed in their lyrics. On “Darkness Falls Again”, the Germans wade right into the political battles and culture wars of our times. BEBORN BETON speak out against the attempts to deny and deprive women of their rights. They take a strong stand against those who try to restrict love, the freedom to choose gender, and sexuality. The trio clearly call out racists, demagogues, preachers of hate and violence, and those who destroy our planet in order to enrich themselves. In short, BEBORN BETON put their finger right on the pulse of our time.

BEBORN BETON were founded by vocalist Stefan Netschio, keyboard player and drummer Stefan Tillmann, and keyboard player Michael Wagner in 1989. The trio set out with the declared aim to keep synth pop relevant and give it meaning. Their first signs of life were three self-released works, ‘Pyre’ (1989), ‘Scythe’ (1991, and ‘Die Stahlbetontour’ (1992) that came out on tape.

Following their first two regular albums “Tybalt” (1993) and “Concrete Ground” (1994), BEBORN BETON found a label-home where they joined renowned acts such as WOLFSHEIM and DE/VISION. Having conquered home, the three electro-musicians rapidly expanded abroad and the 1996 full-length “Nightfall”, followed by “Truth” in 1997, and “Fake” (1999) gained the Germans strong acclaim by critics and fans around the globe.

By the time, “Rückkehr zum Eisplaneten” (‘Return to the Ice-Planet’) was released in 2000, BEBORN BETON had firmly positioned themselves as a headlining act within their scene and toured in all the strongholds of electronic music such as Canada and the US, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, and even Russia among other places. In the North of America, the Germans had scored a veritable club hit with the track ‘Another World’ in 1997. Across the Atlantic, the track’s ever-growing popularity finally led to the exclusive US release of a best-of double-album entitled “Tales from Another World” in 2002, which was followed by extensive touring in North America with APOPTYGMA BERZERK in the same year.

Yet the heavy touring and the creatively highly demanding output of so many excellent albums in quick succession started to take its toll. After the release of “Tales from Another World” (2002) and the associated touring, BEBORN BETON went on an extended hiatus.

It took 13 long years, until BEBORN BETON returned to the delight and surprise of their still huge following with a new album on Dependent Recordings. “A Worthy Compensation” (2015) was showered with accolades from the relevant magazines such as an “album tip of the month” in German Sonic Seducer and Orkus Magazine called the record an “undisputed masterpiece”.

Having learned from previous experiences and not to fall back into a relentless production cycle, BEBORN BETON took their time to write another masterpiece. “Darkness Falls Again” has all the ingredients that make synth pop great. Catchy songs that make the legs twitch, a dash of melancholy, a pinch of irony, and a knife-tip of anger. Music with a meaning, welcome back BEBORN BETON!