Beauty In Chaos – Diving For Pearls

Beauty In Chaos - Diving For Pearls ft. Wayne Hussey & Cinthya Hussey...

LA-based collective BEAUTY IN CHAOS presents their new single ‘Diving For Pearls’, a collaborative effort with THE MISSION trailblazer WAYNE HUSSEY and CINTHYA HUSSEY, his wife and partner in their duo ARCHEOMETRE. Mixed by the legendary TIM PALMER, whose production and mixing credits include THE CURE, U2, DAVID BOWIE, ROBERT PLANT, HIM and PSYCHEDELIC FURS, this is the fourth song Wayne Hussey has fronted with Beauty In Chaos and the second single graced by Cinthya.

With an alluring overlapping-reality video, this is “a torrid earworm of a song with lots of swirling layers” from Beauty In Chaos, formed in 2018 by guitarist MICHAEL CIRAVOLO. It’s also the first taste of the ‘Dancing With Angels’ album, which will be released on July 24.

Wayne Hussey shares, “I must confess that I was getting worried that I’d never be able to write another song – ever. I was raking over all my old lyric notebooks and various word documents on old hard drives and still nada. I was bemoaning my situation to Cinthya one evening and she suggested I write about a personal situation I’d found myself in a few years back. I got my mind focused in the right direction, and while in the studio singing along to the track, I soon got the first line, with the rest following fairly easily…and quickly. It was a huge relief to have the elusive muse visit me again.”