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George P has been a DJ, Radio Producer and Concert Promoter since beginning of the 90’s. He is also the founder of the music magazine and one of the most active members of the European Dark Wave / Gothic / Neofolk / EBM / Industrial community. Feel free to contact us if you are a band, record company, promoter, festival organizer etc.

The Sisters Of Mercy – Live in Greece!

The Sisters Of Mercy - Live in Athens! Οι θρυλικοί The Sisters Of Mercy επιστρέφουν στη χώρα μας για δύο μεγάλες συναυλίες, την Πέμπτη 12...

Mini Fest 2K19 – Review for Electrowelt by Malice F

Mini Fest 2K19@Fuzz club 23.02.2019 Whispering Sons, The Frozen Autumn, In the Nursery, VNV Nation Review for ELECTROWELT.COM by Malice F FESTIVAL PHOTO GALLERY HERE Each time Ronan...