Girls Under Glass – We Feel Alright

Girls Under Glass release video 'We Feel Alright', taken from the forthcoming new album "Backdraft"..

Girls Under Glass release video ‘We Feel Alright’, taken from the forthcoming new album “Backdraft”…

GIRLS UNDER GLASS unveil the black and white video ‘We Feel Alright’, which is also the first single taken from the forthcoming album “Backdraft”

After a long hiatus the Hamburgian gothic rockers return with fiery new tracks that take the best elements from the band’s past and shapes them into an album that leads the way to the future.

The release date of “Backdraft” has been slated to June 2, 2023.

♦ For Pre-sale:
‘We Feel Alright’ is also available as a digital single with two GIRLS UNDER GLASS remixes entitled ‘Who the F*** Is Killing Joke?’ and ‘Into the Shining Light’ through the regular platforms.

GIRLS UNDER GLASS comment: “The original version of ‘We Feel Alright’ was already introduced for years ago live on stage, but ever since we have continued to work on the song until it was just perfect for us”, synth player Axel Ermes explains. “This track comes with the vibe of our classics, yet it is also moving forward. It was fun to work on the two alternative mixes, which will be available as bonus tracks.”

1. Backdraft Prelude
2. Nightkiss
3. Tainted (feat. Mortiis)
4. We Feel Alright
5. No Hope No Fear
6. Eiskalt / Sunburst (feat. DerHarms)
7. Tanz im Neonlicht
8. Everything Will Die
9.Endless Nights
10. Heart on Fire.