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XII. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2016 - 23. & 24.07.2016 – KÖLN | AMPHI EVENTPARK

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XII. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2016 23. & 24.07.2016 – KÖLN | AMPHI EVENTPARK Liebe Amphi Fans,  nach dem Festival ist vor dem Festival. Heute starten wir wieder durch mit den ersten Künstlern und eröffnen den Vorverkauf zum XII. AMPHI FESTIVAL. Auch 2016 bleibt alles Amphi – organisatorisch optimiert und jetzt erst recht!  Spätestens nach dem Anschauen des Amphi 2015 Aftermovies ( ) kommt die Sehnsucht auf: kann nicht schon wieder Juli sein? +++ ERSTE BESTÄTIGTE KÜNSTLER 2016 +++   Stets...

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Joy Division: A Change of Speed - A Change Of Style

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A Change of Speed - A Change Of Style  German alt-music mag Sonic Seducer announced the release of an album comprising interpretations of Joy Division Songs. 35 years after the group's tragical demise, this is another evidence of its lasting influence on the music scene. Contributors are, amongst others: Phillip Boa and The Voodooclub, Dive, Plastic Noise Experience, The Eternal Afflict, Merciful Nuns, The Invincible Spirit, No Sleep By The Machine, Sieben, Der Blaue Reiter, Godlesstate ( formerly Six...

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Sisters Of Mercy - Live in Athens 2015

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Οι Sisters Of Mercy, ένα από τα σπουδαιότερα συγκροτήματα που ανέδειξε η post punk σκηνή και αδιαμφισβήτητοι αρχιερείς του gothic rock, επιστρέφουν στην Αθήνα για μία μοναδική συναυλία , το Σάββατο 24 Οκτωβρίου στο Fuzz Live Music Club! Με την εμβληματική παρουσία του Andrew Eldrich σε πρώτο πλάνο και την επιβλητική βαρειά φωνή του – η οποία έχει χαρακτηρίσει ένα ολόκληρο μουσικό ρεύμα – πάνω από το ρυθμικό υπόβαθρο του Doktor Avalanche, οι Sisters Of Mercy θα μας θυμίσουν επί...


ENTREMURALHAS FESTIVAL 2015 - Leiria - 27/28/29 August 2015

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ENTREMURALHAS FESTIVAL 2015 is scheduled for 27th, 28th and 29th of August 2015. 15 cult bands will play in 3 different stages in several locations of the castle: Palco Igreja da Pena (Pena's Church Stage), Palco Alma (Soul Stage) and Palco Corpo (Body Stage).  This stages will receive the live acts of: LAIBACH (slo), [:SITD:] (d), LENE LOVICH (uk), AND ALSO THE TREES (uk) 6 COMM (uk), AGENT SIDE GRINDER (swe), MOTORAMA (ru), IGORRR (fr), ART ABSCONS (d), TYING TIFFANY...


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Exclusive Interview with Andy LaPlegua: (Combichrist/Panzer AG/ Icon of Coil/ Scandy)

Combichrist, one of the leading at the moment industrial bands in the scene, off stage with numerous smashing club hits, as well as on stage, they are bombastic!

Ladies and Gentleman, we present you the mastermind behind Icon of Coil, Combichrist, Panzer Ag, Scandy and many more, Mr Andy LaPlegua ! We “interrogated” him for you and although he was exhausted from touring, he gave us quite thrilling answers! Thank you Andy!

Andy LaPlegua - CombiChrist and more Interview  

By Malice F

  1. 1. EW: Andy, we first got to know you from Icon of Coil, back in 1997. Great dance floor hits like “Repeat it”, “Dead enough for life” “Swallow nation” to name but a few. What are your memories from that time with IOC and your collaboration with Sebastian Komor?

Andy: Well, my memories…. Hmmm…

EW: Feelings?

Andy: It was a good time, definitely good time, we were out, you know. Extensively touring with electronic music. I mean I had a hardcore band before that, we were touring all over… it was the first time we were in the scene. It was… yeah, it was a lot of good memories, so, of what I can remember! There was a lot of partying you know!

  1. 2. EW: So, are there any intentions of reviving the whole thing with IOC or is it over?

Andy: Well, it’s over for now. I mean, I don’t mind playing a concert every now or then, because it’s fun, I’ n not ashamed of what we did…

EW: … you should be rather proud of it!

Andy: … and you know, Sebastian, Chris and I are still good friends, so we take the opportunity to just hang out and play music together, it’s fun, but we don’t really have any time or inspiration to do any IOC stuff, you know. So the band is finished, but we might still do some shows every now or then, it’s fun.

  1. 3. EW:  You have succeeded in expressing your inspirations simultaneously through various projects, experimenting with different stuff in music. Isn’t that a little bit confusing for you? I mean from Combichrist to metal to techno and punk hardcore, you have a lot of side projects, e.g  Scandy, Panzer Ag

Andy: Really not, it’s really the opposite. I mean, if not, I would be sitting in the studio and say “alright, I really don’t feel like doing this now, I wish I could do something different”, because I got so many different inspirations, and so many different things I want to do, so I think I would just kind of take away from what I am doing when I am working in the studio. So, it’s actually really nice to go and do something different, so that I can be objective and focus on what I have to do when I go and work on Combichrist.  I mean, same thing, with most of these things is done, I mean Scandy is done. I just don’t  have time for it and honestly, I really feel like doing it and like I said with IOC, is done for now, so the only thing I got now is Combichrist and I have a punk rock band called “Scandinavian Cock”  and that’s for fun, so my main priorities now is definitely Combichrist.

  1. 4. EW: With Combichrist, you managed to introduce us back in 2003 with a fresh and powerful EBM sound, suited for dance floors. Did you expect that this project would become so successful and the tracks such big hits?

Andy: No, not at all! But I think that the reason may be why it was so successful was that, the whole idea, with Combichrist . I mean, it still is… to make music I want to listen to, and not necessarily what people in the scene expect and what people in the scene is used to. I mean, I was and am making music that I would like to hear, regardless if it’s popular style or not, that’s why Combichrist albums are a little bit different too, because I change. So as I change, what I want to hear change. So it’s never meant to be specific, e.g. a noise project, or EBM project or electro project or you know anything… it follows what I like to hear.

  1. 5. EW: So, you have come up with a name or term about this kind of music… it’s called TBM – Techno Body Music? How did you come up with it?

Andy: It was kind of funny too!  What I consider as TBM, is not necessarily Combichrist, what I consider TBM was around long before Combichrist, at least the style of the music, maybe not the name, like Thomas P. Heckmann, I kind of took a lot of different stuff from the techno scene to old school EBM and put it into techno … so it was just like a good description for what I was doing at the time. I mean, I don’t feel like I am doing right now, so it’s hard to use TBM for Combichrist, because like I said it always changes and right now it’s not inspired that much by that techno or that old school EBM scene, you know. Now it might be from something else.

  1. 6. EW: You come from Norway, yet you live for the last 5 years or so in the USA. How did you decide to live in another contingent, leaving your family and friends behind? Was it best for your music and band?

Andy: It was same old story I think… it’s like you meet somebody and move and then you break up and stay!

EW : So, it came naturally…

Andy: Yeah… well, I actually didn’t want to move. I just went to visit my now ex wife. I just missed it and kind of stayed… for us, not for living in the US, but to be with her…

EW : Not for band purposes or labels …

Andy: Not for band, not for… just to be with her. Then, after while, you got used to it, and now I really like it, I just realized by living there, there were so many other things that was important to me that was there and not in Europe. For example, certain music stuff, fast cars and motorcycles, it’s been really hard to do anything with it over here. It’s such a big community, such a big scene for it over there.


EW : Where did you live in the US?


Andy: In Atlanta.

  1. 7. EW : What about your favorite bands and music influences from other music styles, from the 70s, 80s etc?


Andy: Oh, everything is an influence! It’s not only the music either, you know. It’s everything like the movies, life, news, like modern pop music to rock music, whatever. I grew up with 60s – 70s hard rock music playing, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, stuff like Accept, Motley Crue and all the heavy metal stuff. Then I had some other cousins who were into Depeche Mode… so I got every ankle, every single different type of music was kind of brought to me by my family. We were a very musical family; there is a lot of music in my family. And then myself, I found old school electro or what I am saying Detroit electro or hip hop, break dance electro stuff to punk, I listened to Dead Kennedys, Sentenced

I think it was not until the mid 90s that I started mixing punk with hardcore and electronics… you know, it was not even until Combichrist, where I really put it all together.


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